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Simona Miele

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The Fashion Digital Lab, will be located in Lugano, Aimed at developing what Switzerland does best: fashion, innovation and digital technologies. A hotbed of dozens of the world’s greatest fashion brands and powerful innovation spilling out from Zurich and fostered by NetComm Suisse, Fondazione Agire and a host of others such as Accenture Interactive, PostFinance SA, Swiss Post, Keros Digital, intarget, ECRM GROUP

Fashion Digital Lab Press Office - iPress Suisse - Simona Miele

Settori:  Moda, Tecnologia

Das Fashion Digital Lab mit Sitz in Lugano hat zum Ziel, die führenden Sektoren der Schweiz weiterzuentwickeln: Mode, Innovation und digitale Technologien.

Simona Miele für Fashion Digital Lab Pressebüro

Settori:  Moda, Tecnologia

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