iPress: a single platform for managing information overload

iPress is a platform that facilitates collaboration between companies and the media. Thanks to its social intelligence, which is based on a proprietary algorithm, it simplifies the work of communication professionals who are searching for their audience and, at the same time, it allows professionals working in the media sector to filter news stories based on their interests, making the resulting information relevant and available over time.

Press Area

Il risultato shock del referendum nel Regno Unito sottolinea la necessità di consolidare e migliorare il progetto a livello europeo. Per l’e-Commerce le opportunità ci sono, ma devono avere una maggiore spinta. Opportunità per la Svizzera di posizionarsi come hub stabile per le sedi delle aziende che effettuano vendite cross-border, anche grazie a nuovi cambiamenti a livello fiscale.

Netcomm Suisse Press Office iPressLive Simona Miele

Shock UK referendum result underlines need to consolidate and improve European project. For e-Commerce, opportunities are there but must be given greater impetus. Opportunity for Switzerland as stable hub for HQ of cross-border sales companies, also thanks to new fiscal changes.

Netcomm Suisse Press Office iPressLive Simona Miele – Marisandra Lizzi

Laut den letzten Daten des Observatory NetComm Suisse und der mit ContactLab durchgeführten Studie Swiss E-Commerce Consumer Behaviour ist die Schweiz in Bezug auf E-Commerce ein immer dynamischeres Land.

Simona Miele für NetComm Suisse

Secondo gli ultimi dati dell’Observatory NetComm Suisse e della Ricerca Swiss e-Commerce Consumer Behaviour realizzata con ContactLab la Svizzera è un territorio sempre più dinamico sul fronte e-Commerce.

Simona Miele per NetComm Suisse


Our target is represented by all communication professionals, whether they are journalists, bloggers, communicators, social media experts or similar. To all of them, we guarantee a complete suite of tools that is easy to use and constantly updated to support them as they search for relevant news sources and to aid them in maximizing the publication of their news stories on the media (printed, online, radio, television and social), thus extending the life-cycle of each news story even more.

Transforming the media

iPress allows users to transform newspapers, radios and TVs into single contents that matter to specific audiences who have set their interests, and thus allows contents to be delivered to contacts based on their relevance and on media lists that are constantly updated: this way iPress solves two problems - spam and news that is sent out massively to editorial teams. It provides a solution for informational chaos and also new models for earning revenues, so that companies will only pay for relevant contents and coherent contacts.

For event organizers

Event organizers will have the possibility not only to manage event registration, but also to create a profile for participants (influencers, speakers, company spokespeople) that will be related to their specific sectors of interest, depending on the workshops and meetings they attend.

A marketplace for news, press releases and documents

This platform is mainly a marketplace for news, press releases and documents: it provides for and guarantees a longer life-cycle for news stories - much longer than what is typically the case nowadays. In a few words, journalists will not only visualize news stories at the very moment in which communicators send them out via email, but will also have the possibility to find them where they want them, even over time, in a dedicated, organized storage area that is always available on the cloud.

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